SATAR SOUND professional audio was founded in 1995 and originated from Malaysia. In 2015, it formed a strategic partnership with Guangzhou Landi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to start a journey to the top of domestic entertainment. Since then, KTV has quickly become a first-line brand of domestic entertainment audio, subverting the new concept of traditional entertainment audio, and becoming the first choice brand for many KTVs, nightclubs, and high-end entertainment clubs.

In 1995, the first R&D room of KaSim Audio was established in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and successfully developed the first KaShu audio speaker.

In 1996, the SATAR SOUND audio brand was officially established.

In 1998, SATAR SOUND's export business was fully launched and began to accept orders from customers in Europe, Canada, Southeast Asia and other countries.

In 2000, the company's business developed rapidly and became the main brand of karaoke entertainment venues in Malaysia. During the same period, it launched several representative high-quality entertainment speakers.

In 2003, SATAR SOUND entered the Xidian Club in Malaysia and became the designated audio supplier for the club's activities.

In 2006, it passed the international CB inspection and domestic 3C inspection, and introduced new electro-acoustic equipment from Spain to conduct factory testing on the entire line of products to ensure stable performance.

In 2008, SATAR SOUND blossomed all over China and was favored by many domestic mass-selling KTVs and high-end entertainment clubs.

In 2011, it was rated as "the best-singing entertainment audio" by relevant units. In the same year, it developed a new digital effector, which transformed from "being able to sing" to "being able to think", once again leading the new trend of entertainment audio.

In 2013, SATAR SOUND launched a new member of the family. The TD series integrates fashion, dynamics, and avant-garde, and combines many advantages such as nobility and perfect sound quality. Its birth caused a strong response in the entertainment audio industry and became the focus of 2013. product.

In 2014, SATAR SOUND shocked the world with its 12-inch professional speaker. Its bright appearance, excellent quality, full and deep sound, and powerful sound quality made the listener's heart beat. Wu Ning became the best product of the year in 2014.

In 2015, SATAR SOUND formed a strategic partnership with Guangzhou Landi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to start a journey to the pinnacle of domestic entertainment.

In 2016, SATAR SOUND doubled its production line, introduced the COSBA R&D team and electroacoustic team, carefully adjusted the products, and strived to provide new and revolutionary product upgrade services for the domestic market.